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Why I care: I believe everyone deserves a eulogy. When my uncle died in 2000, his children (my cousins) didn't think they had enough to say for a eulogy about him. I knew that wasn't true. It just took the right person to ask the right questions. I realize not every family knows how to write such a tribute or has someone willing and able to deliver it at the funeral, especially during this emotional time. I'd like to help. A writer and former newspaper editor, I'm available to write a eulogy, to help you with writing one, and/or to read the tribute at the funeral.


How it works: I interview the family to learn about their loved one and write the eulogy from that information. I prefer for family members to gather together so that I can interview them in person, but phone or email interviews work too, depending on the time available. Any interview generally needs to take place at least 24 hours before the funeral.


What you get: A professional eulogy, about 7 to 10 minutes long; an email copy of the eulogy before the funeral; and a keepsake copy of the eulogy. If you don't have email I'll make other arrangements.


What it costs: The fee for my writing a eulogy is $150 and includes my trip to interview the family in Dubois County, Indiana, or an adjacent county. The fee for me to read the eulogy at a funeral is $40, plus travel expenses depending on the location. Payment may be made in cash or check.


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