Thank You

Thank You to: Those who cleaned my litterbox. Those who mowed my grass and trimmed my weeds. Those who brought me meals. Those who brought me ice cream and smoothies. Those who gave me flowers. The person who shaved my head. Those who did my grocery shopping and laundry when I didn't have the energy. Those who called me on the phone. Those who took me to the hospital, and those who visited me there. Those who sat by my bedside, especially on bad days. Those who helped me plod through insurance problems. The person who anonymously made a huge advance payment on my utility bills. The person who forwarded some cash to me, so I'd have one less reason to worry for a few weeks. Those who sent me c

Dealing with Insurance

As it happened, when I was transferred from Jasper to an Indianapolis hospital in March, I was transferred to a hospital outside of my insurance network. I was at the Indianapolis hospital for six days before someone in "care management" visited my room to inform me that I was out-of-network and likely would receive high medical bills. The following day, I was dismissed. Not long afterward, the denied insurance claims and subsequent bills started. In the ensuing months, I've made scores of calls to the insurance company and health care providers. All while trying to recover from cancer. I fought an initial bill — for $2,684, lost the first appeal and am preparing the second. Yesterday I spok